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The term is commonly used in retail and can be interpreted in a number of ways. One being that the item in question is slightly damaged or worn. Another is that it is sold exactly “As-Is” and requires nothing else to properly serve it’s purpose.

In the case of DJ As-Is, it is the latter.

As-Is (aka Benjamin Ross) got his start behind the turntables at 16 years old. He became enamored with the sounds of 90′s Hip Hop. Particularly with the sounds of the scratches which formed the hooks of many of the great songs of the era.

At first, the scratch was his main focus. Immersed in the turntablist scene of the late nineties, As-Is worked day and night to learn and perfect every facet of the art from scratching, drumming, and beat juggling. All the while spending equal amounts of time in record shops around the bay area.

As the years progressed, so did his musical tastes which began to encompass more styles. In turn, his collection grew with his skill set.

House parties and park jams led to bars. After building up nights around San Jose and The South Bay, he began to move into larger rooms with larger crowds. In early 2008 WET Nightclub opened in downtown San Jose and As-Is was the resident. It was here where every Friday and Saturday night he opened for the biggest club Djs in the country and headlined nights with celebrity guests and performers.

In an effort to grow as a performer and reach a new audience, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles in February 2010.

Since moving to LA, As-Is has built a reputation as both a big room party rocker and a specialist. Equally capable of playing the newest floor fillers for a room full of young party people as he is at selecting funk, rock, Hip Hop, or disco songs for the discerning ears of purists.

He has a very energetic way of bringing songs together with just the right amount of turntablism, creativity and a style that is uniquely his own. When you see and hear As-Is live, you’ll swear he’s nodding his head harder than anyone in the place…….until you wake up the next day with a sore neck and a smile.