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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by As-Is

Mix Master Mike (Icon)

I just took a break from recording a mix at home to do what has now become a huge part of my life(for better or worse), look at twitter/facebook. I came across a tweet from serato for a new video just posted in their “Icon Artists” Series featuring Mix Master Mike. I decided to click it. Watching it took me back to a place I haven’t been in a long time.

Where I am now as a DJ is much different from the place I started. My earliest memories and inspirations as a 16 year old were of The Invisible Scratch Piklz. While I can’t say that I have the same passion and enthusiasm for turntablism that I had when I first started, I still hold it closer to me than any other aspect of DJing. It’s the foundation of who I am as a DJ and performer even if it’s only a small part of what I do regularly at bars,clubs,and parties.

Watching this video made me feel a number of things. Nostalgic, old, and even like a bit of a sellout. These were secondary to the inspiration it gave me as both a DJ/entertainer and a person. I think both DJs and non DJs alike can get a little bit from it too.


Much respect to Mix Master Mike & Serato

Here’s the link to the article posted on the serato site

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